14 Aug 2012

[spoiled brat] @The Black Market FEAT The Sinners Crossroads!!

So Iv'e just started blogging for The Black Market, which has some super cool stuff, you should check this stuff out!! All stores involved with The Black Market have a 40L$ item! So within this photo I am wearing a blazer which is involved in The Black Market its super cute and goes neatly with anything i have in my Second Life wardrobe, its mesh and doesn't have any of those nasty glitches, also fits my avatars shape perfectly.. comes in sizes large, medium, small, extra large and extra small. Also you will not believe its affordable price?! 100L$ You can buy it as [spoiled brat] within Useful Things. There are so many amazing stores involved in The Black Market, if you haven't been there yet you defiantly need too, you are missing out big time!!
Also this week The Sinners Crossroads have brought out some new jeans, they're super cute and jazz up any outfit that is plain.. they are also mesh and fit my avatar perfectly. These are also another wardrobe must have due to the style of them?! Yes. They are also a group gift of The Sinners Crossroads! These are standard mesh only. 
Buy the Blazer here: [spoiled brat]
Buy the Jeans here: The Sinners Crossroads