20 Nov 2012

The Black Market! ~ Also Intense City ;o

So this month The Black Market have some amazingly awesome items!  Once you get to The Black Market I'm sure that you'll never be able to leave because you'll be staring at all the pretty items c: 

Also this month I am mentioning a RP sim (role playing sim) called Intense City its full of people who are welcoming and super friendly c: The two owners of Intense City are Blitz Rage and Yukino Desoto, they're also super friendly :)! Intense City is usually never empty and its always fun, recently there has been the fire department which has added to the role play.. the city's role play is based of everyday life i guess from police departments to resident homes. Next month Intense City should be included in the Australian Trader newspaper which is sent around SL, you wear it as a HUD to read it. You can also rent houses at this city, when you have spare time why not check it out? 

City Advert: Here
Landmark to Intense City: Here

The Black Market: Here 

 Makeup&Lashes: [sauce] (The Black Market)
 Bellybutton piercing: *P* (The Black Market)
Boots: .:EC:.  

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