8 Oct 2012

Beusy, Beusy, Beusy it seems I can't get enough of you.

So Beusy is my love right now, I want to marry this store forever and ever and ever. Oh yeah.. Guess what?! Yup that's right Beusy has yet again released more stuff!! Oh my gosh, I am so happy you would not believe because I keep dying from its cuteness! Okay so the gatcha machines at Beusy have these beautiful head crowns which are 30L each. As well as those crowns they've also released jeans which look halloweeny and also go perfectly with my style, forever in-love with these jeans, they're a must have.. seriously. Finishing off this whole outfit by adding these super adorable shoes which come in so many different styles also perfect for any outfit! 

Hair: [BURLEY]_Stasia_DarkBrowns 
Top: IMBUE. Skeleton Bodysuit

Beusy Inworld: Here
Beusy Marketplace: Here

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