8 Oct 2012

{PopTart} - She who came from Hell..

So its October and there are so new things being released as its nearly Halloween ~ I'm pretty excited for it :') Okay so in this outfit I put together which I'm pretty proud of I am wearing some Skeleton Tights/Leggings which I think are THE BEST one's I have seen so far. The Skeleton Tights/Leggings are from {PopTart} where I usually get all my amazing stuff, I simply cannot stop wearing them. If you look at my shoes you will see how well they go with the leggings/tights because of how dark and studded they are, Also from another amazing store I'm in-love with and wish I could marry is Lethal Couture, Bonus is they're a GROUP GIFT (100L$ to join). This outfit is simple but leaves a statement. 

Leggings/Tights: {PopTart} Skelly Tights