14 Jan 2013

Candy Cutie! *LOTD*

Okay so todays look of the day involves two of the stores that sponsor me and also two of the events that sponsor me. :) 
Alrightie so the reason I named my post "Candy Cutie" is because the event "Perfect Wardrobe" this month is candy themed which makes it super super cute! Also "The Black Market" have some super cute items this month also so they're both perfect to put together in an outfit! 

Visit Perfect Wardrobe here: *Click me*

Visit The Black Market here: *Click me*

Okay so the stores which have kindly sponsored me are "Kre-ations" which makes super cute items which I can put with any outfit and "Hollyhood" which make clothes and shoes which are to die for. :)

Visit Kre-ations here: *Click me*

Visit Hollyhood here: *Click me*

Okay so to round everything up here's my outfit:

Hair: Dela
Top long horns: Kre-ations 
Pasties&Chain: Kre-ations
Chocker: TSH
Side horns: +Half Deer+
Bunny ears: +Half Deer+
Face&Body spots: +Half Deer+
Headband: Beusy
Whiskers: [.:SOPHERIAN:.]
Boots: Hollyhood