19 Jan 2013

Hazardous! *LOTD*

So todays look of the day includes Corvus which  have brought out so many new releases lately I decided to blog some! :) Also Motivaction have some super cute rigged mesh ankle booties! As well as these two amazing stores [Pretty Lair] have also brought out some glitz and french nails which come with a HUD so you can change the color of them, they are defiantly worth the buy! :oo To top it all off WoW Skins have also brought out some new skins you should check out! 

Visit Corvus here: *CLICK ME*

Visit Motivaction here: *CLICK ME*

Visit [Pretty Lair] here: *CLICK ME*

Visit WoW Skins here: *CLICK ME*


Hair: Wasabi Pills
Dress: Corvus
Collar: TSH
Ears: :GAUGED:
Glasses: Arisaris - Marketplace
Makeup: Corvus
Body bruises: Corvus
Socks: erratic 
Headband: Beusy
Pistol stockings: Q - Marketplace

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