8 Feb 2013

Lazy day! *LOTD*

So today's a lazy day for Ren, she has nothing to do so she is walking around in her cute pj's a woolen boot socks. So today I woke up at lunch time and decided I must blog today! :) Also I have been busy typing up some college work so I finally have time to do it now, the worst thing that has happened today is that my light bulb blew up so now I am typing in semi darkness. argh! :c

Okay so this super duper adorable pj shirt is from [Yulicie]. This store has so many releases and you're missing out by not being there right now! Visit [Yulicie] here: *Click me*


Hair: .ploom.
Eyes: Dead Apples
Shirt: [Yulicie]
Eye Makeup: tsg [ESUGA] Makeup Set 3: GAL MAKE
Mouth piercing: Zombie Suicide
Crown: AMU - marketplace
Boots/Socks: *BOOM* 
Panties: <-NINFANIUM->
Unicorn: silentsparrow -marketplace

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