1 Apr 2013

*The Big Boobies Show*

Okay so "The Big Boobies Show" is now open! :') Finally! 

These skins are at the fair, they are created by "Essences" , they come in different shades and different brow colors and of course with a boobies applier! 

The top I am wearing is also at "The Big Boobies Show" its created by "Fashion Victim" which is sponsoring the fair! <33

Beusy have brought out some super cute beauty marks for the face, they come with three options! <3

Visit Beusy here: *click me cutie*


Hair: Alice Project
Mouth Piercing: Zombie Suicide 
Beauty Marks: Beusy *NEW*
Eyes: Dead Apples
Headband: Action
Boobies Tattoo: Fappy! 
Skirt: *BOOM*
Choker: The Secret Hideout