15 Apr 2013

None of your BEES ness! *Kawaii Fair*

So this outfit is jam packed with lots of kawaii and cute things, mainly from the Kawaii Fair which is going on ! <3

The dress I am wearing is new from !Blah.
Its super cute and comes in various colors, also its mesh and comes in different sizes and also comes with boobie appliers for the girlies with big boobs, the dresses make any avatar look adorable!

Epic have brought out some super duper kawaii items for the Kawaii Fair.
The bag pack TV looking thing is new and comes in various colors! Also the face mask I am wearing is from Epic too, Jade has made so many of these and its so hard to choose which one to wear, they're perfect!

Poptart have also brought out some pretty little items, such as the wand I am wearing, its called the beary wand and  its limited :oo! Also the crown I am wearing is a SUPER RARE crown from her new gacha! Lets see if you get lucky? ;)

 ~ Sugar Button Boutique ~
Okay aswell as all these items Sugar Button Boutique have also brought out some items for the Kawaii Fair, I shall be blogging more of them later! c: In this post I have included the glasses which look like a strawberry cupcake kinda of texture, so yummy and cute!

{Sugar Heart}
Last but not least of course is the reason I titled my post "None of your BEES ness!". It was from the idea of {Sugar Heart's} new poses, there are several poses and the prop is a little bee on your nose, super cute! 


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^
Eyes: Candy Mountain
Blush lines: .tsg.
Necklace&Bracelets: BunnyStar Productions
Suspenders: {Happy Pencil}
Wand: {PopTart} *Kawaii Fair*
Boots: *Epic*