1 Apr 2013

Princes and Princesses. *The Big Boobies Show*

Okay so above there is my lovely boyfriend (on the left) and my awesome brother with my bestie (on the right) <3 

The outfits of the two lovely guys above are here:

Jordy (left)

Hair: Burley
Top: Underdogs

Psychosiis (right)

Hair: *Drot*
Top: Underdogs
Okay so lets get to my outfit, shall we?! c:

Releases at The Big Boobies Show:

Hair: eep.
Crown: RO
Ears: Half  Deer 
Eyepatch: Candy Mountain
Eyes: Dead Apples
Blush: tsg. - esuga 
Leg Band: Nore
Messy Mouth: {Sugar Heart}
Bracelets: BunnyStar Productions
Nails&Rings: Forever Young
Head mask:
Choker: The Secret Hideout
Necklace&Shoulders: The Arcade *discontinued* 
Skirt: *BOOM*
White socks: erratic 
Boots: The Sinners Crossroads

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