28 Mar 2013

Boobie Bionics. *The Big Boobies Show*

!!! "The Big Boobies Show" opens on the 1st of April until the 31st of April !!!

Yaaay, another post featuring "The Big Boobies Show" ! This outfit has three different creators included which are both at "The Big Boobies Show", "Rotten Defiance" have this super hot bodysuit which is called "Harness Me".. it comes in several color schemes and have the options for boobie pasties or none! 

As well as this the other creator which I am featuring in the photo is *Milk*, they have made camo bodysuits which are mesh and come in lots of colors! 

Finally the poses I am using in these photos are made by "Purple Poses" there are several different poses which look perfect with big boobied avatars! 


Skin: Al vulo
Hair: Alice Project 
Face Blood: Corvus
Eye patch: welldone.atelier 
Goggles: [NeurolaB Inc.]
Collar: Delusions
Mask: [NeurolaB Inc.]
Arm tech: [NeurolaB Inc.]
Barbed Wire: dirtyland
Guns: Breach
Boots: *Epic*
Bloody Arms: REPULSE
Suspenders: {Happy Pencil}

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