27 Mar 2013

Walking Tall. *The Big Boobies Show*

So this is another outfit which features "The Big Boobies Show" items. The super cute pink tube top is at "The Big Boobies Show" and its created by F'N'HawT. This tube top comes in various different colors and patterns and it is named "Peekaboo Tube". 
Also these poses are from "The Big Boobies Show" and they are made by "nani". 

**The Big Boobies Show starts on the 1st of April and ends 31st of April**


Hair: Action
Skin: Al vulo
Eyes: Dead Apples
Tattoo: Fappy!
Top: F'N'HawT *The Big Boobies Show*
Skirt: *BOOM*
Tights: VERSHE
Stockings: erratic 
Boots: Lethal Couture 
Bunny: silent sparrow 
Ring: Forever Young
Bracelets: BunnyStar Productions
Lip piercing: ni.ju
Stars: ni.ju
Blush: tsg. -esuga
Messy mouth: {Sugar Heart}
Crown: Auxiliary
Face piercing: Kre-ations